Life is beautiful! All around us is an opportunity to zoom in on that beauty. So, the question is, where is your focus, what are you zooming in on, and why?

So often we are so focused on the ‘what’ we do and the ‘how’ we do it that we forget about the ‘why’. Our tendency is to place our value and self-worth in the ‘what’. When we meet someone for the first time we ask “What do you do?”

What is your why? On Sunday I asked that question. What is it that really drives you, that lights you up, and inspires you? When we focus on the ‘why’ everything we do becomes meaningful. When we tie our activities to our inner values and to expressing the divine potential that is within us all, we live a purpose filled life.

I also asked “Why Unity Palo Alto?”  Your responses to that question are amazing. From “being inspired by the talks and the music” to “creating a more loving world” to “experience and share the wonder and beauty of this world.” See all of the ‘whys’ our spiritual community shared on the bulletin board at our Spiritual Center and add one of your own!

What is your why?

Love and blessings,
Rev. John

Affirm: God at all times dwells within me as my constant inspiration and as my ever-renewing life. Whatever I seek, I seek first the Kingdom of God within. I welcome God’s guidance and inspiration into my life. I express spiritual intelligence in all that i do.

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