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Sunday Services

Fresh and modern spirituality, speakers and music

Sunday mornings at the Center are uplifting, inspirational and fun! You’ll experience great music, friendly people and a welcoming atmosphere. The forward thinking, practical spiritual messages you’ll hear on Sunday will help you with the real life issues you face during the week.

9:00-9:30am Morning Meditation | 10:00-11:00am Service

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Youth Programs

We provide nursery, preschool and elementary age programs in the Y.E.S. Hall. UniTeens (6th thru 8th grades) and Youth of Unity (9th thru 12th grades) meet in the Fireside Room. See Youth Ministry for more information.

Fun, Uplifting Music

Get in the spiritual groove with world-class musicians and vocalists who can bring the house down, soothe our souls, touch our hearts and even get us on our feet. We can’t wait to share our playlist with you.

After-Service Social

Join us in the courtyard after each service and enjoy the fun, fellowship and food. Meet new friends and connect with old ones and share in the warmth and welcome that is Unity Palo Alto. With the joyful sounds of children, the fountain and music, take time to reflect on the Sunday lesson.

This Sunday

Unity in the Allness

Sunday, 3/29 @ 10:00 am

With Rev. John Riley on live-stream at

The Allness is the divine flow of life, love, and wisdom in which I live and move and have my being. Through the eyes of the divine in, I see the divine in you and in all of life. The divine in me honors the divine in you.

Theme for March: RELEASE AND RENEW
Let your mind and heart release all that disturbs you, then think of Spirit as the renewing stream of life pouring, rushing, and shining into you, through you, and out from you in all directions.

Upcoming Guest Speakers

Casey Wicker

Casey Wicker

Licensed Unity Teacher

Sunday, 3/22 @ 10:00am

Sunday’s Topic: Let’s Go Fly a Kite
One with the presence of pure being, I lift my thoughts beyond any challenging situation and see anew. “Up where the air is clear,” the landscape of possibilities is open to me and I write a new story.

Casey Wicker is License Unity Teacher, a cultivator of joy and Truthseeker at heart.  When she’s not on the stage of Carnegie Hall (OK that was a once in a lifetime opportunity), she is passionate about seeing the extraordinary in the every day.  She has the ability to see the connectedness between the interesting assortments of life one can easily overlook.  She is creative, thinks outside of the box and can find the sacred morsel of manna in experiences that many would abandon as undesirable.   Her guest speaking engagements have included churches such as Unity Palo Alto, Unity Palo Alto and Unity Palo Alto.  You too can request Casey as a guest speaker at your next Unity service or spiritual event.  She can be contacted at

Rusty Gaillard

Rusty Gaillard

Speaker | Transformational Coach

Sunday, 4/19 @ 10:00 am

As a speaker, career coach and life coach, Rusty helps others achieve more freedom and balance in life.

A Stanford MBA and successful leader at Apple for over 13 years, Rusty was certified as a Life Mastery Consultant in 2018.  Having navigated many of his own life transitions - promotion, demotion, starting a business, divorce, parenthood - Rusty has learned that how we react to life’s events matters more than the event itself.  He believes that each of us is far more powerful than any circumstance we are in.  By connecting with our unique strengths, we can grow in any experience and find the freedom to live our best life.

Rusty believes that we each have far more capability and potential than we realize. That living our best lives makes the world a better place. That no dream is too big.  And it is his dream to help you realize yours.

Featured Talks

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Tending with Rev. John Riley

with Rev. John Riley

Sunday, 9/15 @ 10:00 am

With Rev. John Riley, music by Margo LeDuc and the Unity Palo Alto Band.

With my dreams and visions taking root in fertile soil, I focus my energy on tending and cultivating my highest good. Drawing upon my spiritual qualities of love, wisdom, and faith, I weed out error thoughts, prune my vision to give it definite shape, give it nourishment, and fearlessly step forward knowing that my good is already unfolding.

Flow with Rev. John Riley

with Rev. John Riley

Sunday, 9/8 @ 10:00 am

With Rev. John Riley, music by the Love, Love, Love Unity Choir and the Unity Palo Alto Band.

I am prosperous when I live in cooperation with the universal flow of abundance that is everywhere present.

Worthy with Rev. John Riley

with Rev. John Riley

Sunday, 9/2 @ 10:00 am

With Rev. John Riley, music by Hope Briggs and the Unity Palo Alto Band.

The Universe is teeming with bountiful gifts and blessings to share with me, and I am worthy of receiving them! When I accept myself fully, realize my divine nature, and believe in my own worth, I stand a little taller. I know I have a place to fill in this world that no one else can fill. I behold a world rich in opportunity.

ver 2.1 with Rev. John Riley

ver 2.1
with Rev. John Riley

With Rev. John Riley and music by Margo LeDuc and the Unity Palo Alto Band.

Change exists in every moment of life. At times I move effortlessly with the change, and at times, I struggle. Knowing the dynamic energy of Spirit is always at work in my life, I remain calm, poised, and confident. Aligning with divine mind, I embody infinite patience and quickly adapt to and recover from change. I am resilient!