Our Center thrives because of your love in action. Volunteering deepens your relationship with your spiritual home and builds friendships!

Service teams and committees include:

  • Ambassador Team
  • Audio Team
  • Bookstore Team
  • Prayer Chaplains
  • Choir
  • Hospitality Team
  • Mailing Team
  • Newcomers Team
  • Office Support Team
  • Publications Team
  • Prosperity Team
  • Usher Team
  • Welcome Team
  • Youth Ministry Teams

Helping Hands

We have several projects to help us with our mission and we need your helping hands! Below is a list of projects currently open. Pick one that looks interesting to you and email

Sharing Our Abundance

Each month we share a percentage of the donations we receive with various “safety net” organizations in our community. They provide services for people with limited economic means: keeping them in their homes, providing food and other basic needs, helping them gain employment skills. We support seniors, families and youth.

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