Serving Each Other

Our communities thrive because of your love in action. Volunteering deepens your relationship with your spiritual home, your community, and builds friendships!

Serving at Unity Palo Alto


Due to the temporary closure of our Center, many of these volunteer opportunities are on hold.

Service teams and committees include:

  • Ambassador Team
  • Audio Team
  • Bookstore Team
  • Prayer Chaplains
  • Choir
  • Hospitality Team
  • Mailing Team
  • Newcomers Team
  • Office Support Team
  • Publications Team
  • Prosperity Team
  • Usher Team
  • Welcome Team
  • Youth Ministry Teams

For more information about current volunteer opportunities, please email

Sharing Our Abundance

Each month we share a percentage of the donations we receive with various “safety net” organizations in our community. They provide services for people with limited economic means: keeping them in their homes, providing food and other basic needs, helping them gain employment skills. We support seniors, families and youth.

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