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Service Recordings

A Consciousness of Faith with Rev. John Riley

Faith is the active energy that empowers my thoughts and brings them into manifestation. I am always expressing faith in something – either spiritual Truth or dualistic illusion. I begin each day in the realization of the spiritual Truth that God is centered in me.

You are a Blessing with Rev. John Riley

With a consciousness of gratitude, I confer prosperity upon all the many things, experiences, and people in my life. I radiate the divine love and gratitude that fills my heart and bless everything and everyone. I am alive in the energy of gratitude.

Radical Gratitude with Rev. John Riley

The attitude of thankfulness and gratitude causes one to open his consciousness to the inflow of more blessings. This attitude of mind causes one’s blessings to increase. The thankful person always attracts more and more of the thing for which he is grateful. I give thanks for every evidence of the divine flow of Good in my life.

One Voice for Unity with Rev. John Riley

There is order in the universe and in every cell,
From the colors of a rainbow to patters in a shell.

There is harmony and rhythm and music to be heard.
Let us stop and listen to the message of the word.

The Art of Abundance:
Be one. Be aware.
with Rev. John Riley

You live in the ever-expanding creative process of the Universe. The principle of abundance is omnipresent and therefore available to you every moment of the day. As your awareness of this deepens, you begin to see and experience the principle of abundance operating everywhere you look.

A Life Worth Living
with Rev. John Riley

Behind every thought, deed, and action of every human being of rational mind on this planet is the desire for freedom, inner peace, and a life worth living – a life that is filled with purpose and meaning, a life of fulfillment and wholeness.

A Center of Spirit with Rev. John Riley

There is only One Presence and One Power active in the Universe and in my life, God the Omnipotence. We come together to share this experience and to awaken to our spiritual magnificence!

Practical Prayer with Rev. John Riley

You have the Allness of the infinite process of God ever with you, and it is God’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. It’s all present; all you have to do is throw the switch.

Metaphysically Speaking with Rev. John Riley

The spoken word is much more than just the audible sound; it includes the consciousness of the person who speaks it. When we remember and are aware of our Higher Nature, our Spiritual Magnificence, our words are infused with creative power.

Run with It! with Rev. John Riley

We are constantly in the presence of Infinite life, love, and wisdom. The great ideal of spiritual seeking is to be “in tune with the Infinite.” Tune in, pick up the idea, and run with it!