I started a series of talks this week based on the book Rising Strong by Brene’ Brown. I’m so excited to bring practical spirituality from this well-known researcher and TED Alumnus into our Spiritual Center!

The book is about getting up and rising strong after a fall. The idea is to 1) learn about ourselves, 2) cultivate wholeheartedness, and 3) jump back into the arena strong. As Brene’ puts it – “This book was all about drilling down deep into the most difficult and uncomfortable moments in our lives, getting honest, and holding ourselves accountable to move forward in the after.”

In week one of our series, the focus is on story – our brains are wired to create stories out of the events we experience. Sometimes the stories are based on truth, sometimes, not. Either way, they are the foundation of our beliefs about ourselves and those we are connected to, and impact our behavior and responses to situations.

This week, our practice is to simply notice our stories, without judgment, blame or shame, write them down so that we may discover the patterns of our belief system. Then, if you notice these stories have taken you off center, take a moment to re-center, using whatever method works best for you.

Take a listen to dive deeper into Part 1 of our Rising Strong series and learn more about why wired for story and how those stories shape our lives.

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