This Sunday we continued our series on Rising Strong by Brene’ Brown. Understanding that we are wired for story, the Reckoning is Brene’s term for when we walk into our story and take ownership of it.

We are wired for story. Stories are how we make sense of the world and eventually they become our belief system. And, our emotions are the fuel for our stories. While it’s not always easy to become authentic about and own our emotions, it is necessary. If we don’t own our emotions, they will own us, and, more often than not, we will live from these emotions instead of from our higher consciousness.

This week, give yourself permission to feel your emotions, honor them, and own them. Then, become curious about what you are feeling and the stories you are telling. Ask yourself, “How am I reacting to this story? How does it feel in my body? How is it driving my behavior? What is the real cause behind my emotions? If I were responding from my higher self, how would I show up?”

When we become curious we regain ability to choose a different response. We are no longer at the mercy of the story. Curiosity changes our brain’s chemistry helping us to learn better. It empowers us with a greater understanding of our authentic self.

When we become authentic with our emotions we discover what is in need of healing. We naturally have more self-compassion during challenging times, and, we have greater empathy when others are emotionally triggered. We come back to our true nature, express our higher self, and rise strong.

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