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A Quantum Leap in Living and Leading


Less Hesitation. More Harmony.
Less Drama. More Delight.
Less Stress. More Satisfaction.

The Art of Quantum Living Overview

Have you ever wondered why it is that despite all you know about how to get along in the world, despite the efforts you make in your home and work life, and in your spiritual practices, you may still not be seeing lasting results?

The Art of Quantum Living offers a powerful path to personal evolutionary transformation.

  • Peel away limitations and discover the power of your authentic self
  • Reveal the hidden automatic behaviors that run your life
  • Transform any situation into an opportunity to manifest magnificence

During 7 weeks, participants experience powerful exercises, thought-provoking video presentations, meaningful discussion, and a transformative 21-Day practice. It brings into play several components: practicing appreciation, compassion, both for others and ourselves, identifying feelings and needs, self-inquiry, mental exercises, and heart coherence.

This is an updated version of “The Art & Practice of Living with Nothing and No One Against You” and “The Q-Process”

Registration Options

The class includes a Quantum Living Workbook, 21-Day Quantum Living Process™ practice, and 3 group coaching sessions.

$129.00 for new participants – Register online below

$50 materials fee for returning participants who completed the class with Rev. John (email directly to register)

Scholarships available (email directly to register)

Upcoming Classes

Tuesdays, 7/11 – 8/22 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm PT

With: Rev. John Riley, Certified QL Coach
Where: On Zoom