2nd Sundays @ Noon-1:00 pm

Facilitated by Ketna Mistry, MD
Love offering

Experience the transformative power of a gratitude practice in your life. Each month you will learn new tips and practices to help you cultivate a grateful heart empowering you to do life better! During the Gratitude Circle, you will

  • Learn and get inspired by each other’s gratitude practices
  • Support, inspire, and help each other to get unstuck through their gratitude practice
  • Join in gratitude for all that we have been given and continue to receive in life

Ketna Mistry, MD

Mistry is a local research physician. She is passionate about helping people thrive and flourish using simple tools and techniques. When people have the right tools to help themselves, they can thrive at work, home, and anywhere else! She taught a 6-week Gratitude Class at Unity Palo Alto in 2019 and “it was pure enchantment.”


Unity Palo Alto
3391 Middlefield Road Palo Alto, CA 94306, United States
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Unity Palo Alto Spiritual Center

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