Chorus of Angels

$25,000 Automatic Donation Matching Grant

To help maintain the level of service our spiritual center provides to our community, an Angel Donor has offered a $25,000 grant matching Automatic Donations that have been established or increased after March 31, 2020, and through December 31, 2020.

Each month, the grant matches any increase you make to your Automatic Donation. Newly established Automatic Donations will also be matched during this time. For example, if you increased your Automatic Donation from $100 to $150, the $50 increase will be matched each month you maintain that level. If you then need to drop your amount to $125, the matching will decrease to $25.

The matching donations are limited each month to $4,000 and limited to $25,000 for the year. This grant will not match any increases in Automatic Donations during the month of June that were already matched through the Above & Beyond Grant. However, it will match those increases in subsequent months.

To establish or increase your automatic donations, please contact Stacey Orr at or at 650-849-1107.

We are grateful for your overwhelming generosity during these uncertain times. We are grateful to the lead Angels who have provided these opportunities to thrive. Together, we can ensure the longevity of our spiritual center. Together, we are a Chorus of Angels.


Pray. Love. Eat. Tastes of Unity Cookbook

Like to cook? Like to Eat? You will love the Pray. Love. Eat. Tastes of Unity Cookbook. 54 recipes with everything from Lebanese Tabouli Salad to Grandpa P’s Fudge, from Southern Chocolate Gravy to Paul’s Extraordinary Pesto. The recipes shared in this cookbook are infused with joyful memories and love. A good meal is more than just nourishment. It brings people together. Let’s share a meal.

Our thanks to Cheri Robinson, Paul Wcislo, Christine Oliver, and our Unity community for putting together a fun cookbook with your favorite recipes!

Order your cookbook today!

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