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Fall Enrichment Program


The Fall Enrichment Program is a 7-week small group experience designed to bring people together to grow in spiritual awareness through studying, sharing, and connecting. This year we will be using the book How to Pray Without Talking to God by Linda Martella-Whitsett (available in the Unity Palo Alto bookstore). Each Sunday Service talk will follow the program and you have the opportunity to join a small study group to dive deeper.

Unity minister Linda Martella-Whitsett provides a new framework for thinking about prayer that will revolutionize the lives of readers everywhere. The good news here is that you can pray without believing in God; that you can have a rich and fulfilling spiritual practice without adhering to a set of creeds or dogmas. She encourages seekers to look within, rather than outside themselves for a God in the sky, for the spark of the divine that is at the core of their being.

How to Pray Without Talking to God shows how to develop a spiritual practice by reforming the words of traditional prayers; cultivating a habit of daily prayer and meditation; learning how to pray with others. Each chapter includes a section called “Talk to Yourself” that poses questions for readers to write about or share in a study circle.

“This book is a refreshing, inspiring approach to prayer that emphasizes one’s connection with the Divine, however named, and the essential worthiness and goodness of all individuals. For those seeking a more meaningful connection with the Absolute, Martella-Whitsett is a wise guide.” -Larry Dossey, MD, author of Healing Words and Prayer Is Good Medicine

Host a Group

Open your home for a small group. You determine the day of the week, location, and how many people can comfortably fit in your space as a group. Provide hospitality and a safe place for people to meet.

Facilitate a Group

We provide a study guide, you provide gentle guidance. A facilitator follows our defined agenda and ensures everyone has an opportunity to speak. Heart agreements are provided and agreed upon by the group.

Host & Facilitator Sign-ups

Dates: 8/25-9/8, in the Courtyard

Would you like to be a host, facilitator, or both? Sign up in the courtyard on Sunday or during the week by calling 650-494-7222 or email

Join a Group

Dates: 9/15, 9/22, 9/29

Sign-up sheets will be available in the Courtyard beginning 9/22.

Fall Enrichment Program Kick-Off

Date: Sunday, 9/29 during Sunday Service

Join us for the kick-off of our Fall Enrichment Program. Each Sunday during the program the Sunday Service talk will highlight the topic for the week.

Small-Group Meetings

Dates: Weekly, beginning the week of Sunday, 9/29 for 7 weeks

Each group will meet for seven weeks at dates, times, and locations determined by the host and facilitator.

Sunday Talks

Coming Soon!