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Your financial support of Unity Palo Alto helps us to bring spiritual practices to people here and all around the world.
We offer multiple ways for you to donate online, in person or via mail.

Secure Online Payment
through PayPal

Click on the link above. You will be taken to PayPal’s secure site. Unity Palo Alto is PayPal Verified.

Automatic Donations

If you would like to give automatic donations each month, complete an Automatic Giving card in the office. You can give monthly using a credit card or through you PayPal account.

Donating by Mail

Please send to:
Unity Palo Alto
3391 Middlefield Rd.
Palo Alto, CA 94306

Pay to: Unity Palo Alto

Keeping your information on file

If you like to use your credit card but you don’t want donations automatically charged, we provide the option to keep your credit card information on file eliminating the need to write your credit card information on our donation envelopes each week. To begin this option, fill out a donation envelope with your complete information and write “keep on file” below your signature. Once we have your information, future donations may be made by just writing “on file” in place of your card number.

Leave a Lasting Legacy

Legacy Giving is an expression of your deepest values and an extension of your spiritual practice. It helps create a strong financial base allowing Unity Palo Alto to serve its community both now, and in the future. You can create the kind of legacy you would like for your spiritual community.

Thoughtful and prayerful consideration should be made for the disposal of the property you have accumulated in your lifetime in order for it to benefit the people and places we love. The process of creating an estate plan and leaving a gift to a charitable organization is called LEGACY GIVING.

Giving Made Easy

Donate Your Car

In partnership with CARS, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, donating your car to Unity Palo Alto is easy! Simply call (855) 500-7433 or go to and complete the form. CARS picks up your car, in whatever condition it is in, and we share in profit from the sale.


Select Unity Palo Alto (ID #500001197) as your beneficiary and a portion of your purchases on registered credit cards are donated to our spiritual center. Click on the eScrip logo below to enroll or visit today!

A 3-year capital campaign to revitalize our spiritual home for years to come

You spoke, and we listened! In our last congregant survey one of top-ranked priorities is to care for our beautiful campus. This three-year capital campaign was created in response to help us keep Unity Palo Alto in great shape for years to come!

Make a Lead Donation

To ensure we address our most important needs and reach our goals, we ask you to prayerfully consider making an upper level gift up front, such as one indicated on the gift range chart. Contact Rev. John Riley for more information.

Download the Gift Range Chart

Make a 3-Year Pledge

Giving to the Growing Our Future campaign is a personal choice, unique to each individual and household. Only you can determine the amount of your gift.

Over the next three years, our goal is to raise enough to accomplish all three project tiers. We ask you prayerfully consider making a 3-year commitment to give to the campaign above and beyond your current giving.

Download the Pledge Card

Prioritized Capital Campaign Project List

To revitalize our campus, we have divided the Major Projects list into three tiers of priorities. Depending on the amount raised over the 3-year campaign, we will address each tier in prioirty order. Below is a sample from each tier. For a full list of projects, visit the Growing our Future table in the courtyard after the service.

Tier A – based on
donations of $350,000

  • HVAC in Sanctuary and offices
  • Roof replacement
  • Courtyard restrooms remodeled
  • Renovated space for youth
  • …and more

Tier B – based on
donations of $500,000

  • Tier A items
  • Pews reupholstered
  • YES hall renovated
  • Campus lighting upgraded
  • Electrical pannel upgraded
  • …and more

Tier C – based on
donations of $650,000

  • Tier A & B items
  • Solar panels installed
  • Final carpet replacement
  • Landscape repare and upgrades
  • …and more

Brochure & Newsletters


Newsletter #2
Newsletter #3
Newsletter #4


Q. How will the capital campaign work?

A. During March and April, everyone will be informed about the campaign goals and about the Major Projects to be funded. Everyone will have ample opportunity to learn more about our needs. On April 24, you will be asked to make a 3-year pledge.

Q. Does the campaign require the involvement of church members?

A. Yes! There will be six volunteer teams you can join. These teams are critical to the success of the campaign. Not only that, the Team activities are usually fun and enjoyable! In addition to raising needed funds, capital campaigns often enliven a church and increase participation.

Q. Will the campaign accept gifts of
securities, etc.?

A. Yes. We are eager to work with
donors on creative ways to support
Unity Palo Alto.

Q: Are there any guidelines regarding the amount we should consider pledging?

A. Based on their experience with hundreds of churches over the past 20 years, our campaign consultants suggest that “equal generosity rather than equal gifts” is a good guideline. To put that guideline into practice, they encourage donors to consider a gift of 3% of their annual income, above and beyond your normal giving to the church, for each year of the three-year campaign.