Finding Joy in the Holidays!

We all have moments during the holiday season in which we feel less than joyful. Sometimes we let the stress of shopping, traffic holiday preparations and busy schedules fill our experiences. Sometimes we have pain that comes out around the holidays out that pushes aside our ability to feel joy. Sometimes friends and family trigger us.

So, when you notice you’re feeling less then merry and bright, how can you take control and create a feeling of joy?

  • First, take a deep breath. Breathe in the quiet, breathe out any stress or pain
  • Then, find your joy sparks. We experience joy when we feel connection with ourselves, another person, an idea, or even a thing. Maybe you find joy when you take a walk or go for a hike and can experience the wonderful hills and nature around us. Maybe you find joy in a certain musical artist or singing a song. Maybe you find joy when visit a certain friend, or call your mother. Maybe you love holiday lights. Maybe cooking a great meal. Maybe it’s exercising or cooking.
  • Next, if you can, take some time to do what makes you feel joyful!
  • You can also bring joy to any present moment through your thoughts. Pick a joy spark and Imagine yourself in the moment. Bring that feeling into your mind and body. Fill yourself with gratitude for having experienced that joy in the past, or knowing it is on it the way in the future.

Joy is just a thought and a quick change of your mindset away. You are in control of your joy!

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