Forgiveness Practice

Sing your affirmation: “___(name)___, I fully and freely forgive you.”

You can use scales, going up for 7 notes, and going down for 7 notes. Do that 5 times and you have forgiven 7 times 70. You can do this while driving your car (as long as you can drive and sing at the same time). If the person next to you looks at you funny, add them to the list “Guy in the yellow car, I fully and freely forgive you.”

You can sing in the shower. You can use your favorite song. You can make any modifications as long as you are FEELING your forgiveness.


  • Am I accountable to my inner compass, my inner values, my higher awareness?
  • Internally, do I own my own mistakes?
  • How often do I put the blame on other people?


  • Am I willing to hold things confidentially?
  • Under what circumstances does my vault leak?
  • Can I trust myself not to succumb to the temptation of being the person in-the-know, the center of attention?
  • Do I have healthy ways and means to unburden myself?

Praise your progress! Practice a heart-coherence meditation!


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