At the center point of our being, is a point of nothingness which is untouched by illusion, by mistakes, by sin. There’s a point of pure truth. There’s a point of spark that belongs entirely to God. – Thomas Merton

Forgiveness Practice

70 x 7 Affirmation: “___(name)___, I fully and freely forgive myself. I loose and release myself and I see my good flowing to me with ease and grace”

Boundaries: Pause ~ Presence ~ Proceed

  • Where are you leaking energy?
  • When my boundaries are strong, I am filled from within.
  • What inner resources can I use to strengthen my inner boundaries?

Reliability: Calm ~ Connect ~ Course

  • Do I set realistic expectations for myself?
  • Do I set realistic expectations of myself for others?
  • What are the benefits when I am reliable?

Praise your progress!


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