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Homemade Desserts on Call by Michael Clemons

Cost: $30 (plus ticket fee)
Delivery between 7/27-11/29

As many of you know I love to bake and cook. I am offering Desserts on Call Pick-A-Party. You get to choose a dessert to be made and I will have it packaged and dropped off at your door when you want it. Between July 27 and September 30, 2020.

I will need at least a week's notice to be able to make it fresh and deliver it. Date and time for delivery to be agreed by both parties. Once you purchase your ticket, I will contact you to find out what you want me to bake and when you want it delivered.

Place your order today!

Tuesdays at Two

What: Gathering of friends from Unity Palo Alto
With: Frances Mann-Craik
Topics: Whatever we want

Our intention is to connect, uplift, support, and to laugh. After an opening reading and review of heart agreements, we can check-in. Let’s talk about how we are, drawing strength from our Perfect Source, our Unity philosophy, and each other. Don’t forget to share something that uplifts you, warms your heart, or gives you a chuckle.

Sign up through Zoom and feel free to email me at if you have any questions!

Eat, Pray, Gratitude – Feasting on Goodness

With Casey Wicker, Licensed Unity Teacher, and Brenna Frandsen
Love Offering
Register Today!

Let’s come together as a community for a special Thanksgiving Zoom call to share what nurtures our souls and inspires us.  It is your opportunity to share what sustains you, what grounds you, what are you grateful for.  If what we appreciate grows, let’s Feast on Goodness this Thanksgiving!

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