Sunday Celebration Service Live Stream ONLY

Fresh and modern spirituality, speakers and music.
With our guest speaker, Dr. Martha Creek.
Sunday mornings are uplifting, inspirational, and fun! The forward-thinking, practical spiritual messages you’ll hear on Sunday will help you with the real-life issues you face during the week. Celebrate with us on Sunday at or catch up on a previous service at

Integrating “The Work”
Living in Joy

Unity Palo Alto 3391 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto

With: Martha Creek
Cost: Love offering

Have you put your happiness on hold -- Waiting for something/someone to change so you can be happy?

“The Work” is a simple and deeply transformative process that is helping people around the world approach their stress, guilt, shame-and-blaming patterns from a perspective of clarity and inner peace. It works for 100% of people who really want to know the truth. You cannot be spiritually mature without emotional maturity. Free YourSELF! NOW!

This workshop is for everyone on a path of SELF-realization. Learn more...

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