Sunday Meditation 9am | Sunday Services 10am | (650) 494-7222

About Unity Palo Alto

Unity Palo Alto is here to help you do Silicon Valley and Bay Area Life better!

We use Unity Principles to create an experience, programs, classes, services, music, and social media that meet the unique needs of the wonderful and diverse group of people here in the Bay Area.

We’re fun

We love diversity

We honor all spiritual paths

We teach positive spiritual principles

We believe spirituality isn’t just for Sundays

We borrow from many sources, traditional and modern

We know you are amazing. We’re here to help you know it, too.

We think small bites of spirituality are just as delicious as the big ones

Why Unity Palo Alto?

“To be a part of and connected with a community of love, joy, and compassion that shares that with each other and the world around us.”

“Clarity of intention and be as functional and happy as possible. To help me get a job in customer service that I will enjoy. To help me learn to express more enlightened behavior. To be more present and accept myself more as I am.”

“I’m here because it provides ‘ease’ and a chance to refocus my intentions in my daily living.”

“Unity Palo Alto lifts my happiness, helps me feel peaceful. It is an hour where I can relax and just be her and be present.”

“To daily find and experience my divine purpose. To open my heart and mind. To allow it to flow freely within me out into the world. To create a better more loving, peaceful world for all including myself, family, and friends”

“To experience and feel divine revelations in a welcoming setting that speaks to me in relevant ways.”

“Recenter my spirit and swim in the divine ocean with other waves.”

“To look for God’s goodness and praise it. To be grateful for all God’s goodness. To bring joy to those who I see day after day! God is Good. God is Great. God is Loving!”

“To look for the good and bring joy for myself and the people in my life.”

“To deepen as a channel of God’s love and creativity.”

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