Sunday, 11/15 @ 10:00 am

With guest Rev. Dr. Martha Creek and music by Margo LeDuc & Russell Norman on piano. Live-streamed at

Thanksgiving provides us an opportunity to evaluate our own gratitude practice, to attempt gratitude even when we feel hurt or heartbroken, and to try and tilt our heads, skew our perspective, and look at the world through a lens of abundance. Gratitude has been a spiritual practice of mine since age 3. My gratitude for this practice is inexpressible.

Theme for November: Grateful Heart -A grateful heart keeps me consciously united with God. In this realization of my Oneness with Divine Life, Love, and Wisdom, I live in a world filled with bountiful blessings and I am a blessing to the world.

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Workshop On-Demand

We are please to offer Gratitude as Spiritual Practice On-Demand Workshop on a love offering donation basis.

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