Sunday, 6/21 @ 10:00 am

With guest speaker Lysa Allman-Baldwin and music by Deborah Winters and Russell Norman on live-stream at

We all have a story – a collection of experiences we’ve had in our lives.  Some of those experiences are positive, and some leave a lot to be desired.  Unfortunately, we often latch onto the challenging ones, making them the central narrative our subconscious mind uses to filter current and future events.  Come and hear Lysa Allman-Baldwin, a highly sought-after motivational speaker, travel and feature writer, and the author of the book I Cried.  And People Loved Me Anyway, as she shares how recognizing that narrative—and giving up what no longer serves us—is key to reaching a higher level of consciousness

Affirmation: I have the power to reframe my old stories and chart a new conscious path for the future.

Theme for June: Purpose: In the Silence, I listen. Trusting Source, I leap. With purity of purpose, I lead.

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