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Live Streaming Sunday Services

Our in-person Sunday Service is on hold.

Instead, watch the live-stream Sunday Service at 10:00 am Pacific

Our primary concern is for the health and safety of our congregation and staff.
Read our Reopening Our Facilities Methodology for more information about
how we will determine when it is time for us to return to in-person activities.

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This Sunday

Metaphysics for Abnormal Times

Sunday, 8/16 @ 10:00 am

With guest speaker Rev. Dr. Paul Hasselbeck and music by Margo LeDuc and Russell Norman on live-stream at

Putting practical feet on Unity metaphysics in our new abnormal lives as we meet the local challenges of a global pandemic. Handling fear as we manage this long pause – holding onto our DIVINITY in the midst of our humanity.

Knowing my union with Spirit and with clarity of purpose, I courageously walk my path, guided every step of the way by divine intelligence.

Theme for August: Wisdom – I call upon divine guidance to help me navigate through and make decisions in my life.

Sharing Our Abundance

Each month, Unity Palo Alto shares a portion of our donations with a safety-net organization serving the San Francisco Bay Area. This month, we are sharing our abundance with:

Mission Hospice

Death, dying, and loss are not medical events – they are human experiences that touch every one of us. Mission Hospice believes that everyone in their last phase of life deserves care that is aligned with their beliefs, wishes, and values. To make this a reality and create a more compassionate community, we are engaging people in conservations and education about end of life care long before it is needed.

Our Community Education program is helping people:
• Become more comfortable discussion death and dying
• Learn the benefits of palliative and hospice care
• Consider their values and wishes for the last phase of life
• Gain peace of mind by communicating their wishes
• Find information, support, and care in our community

We offer a variety of ways to participate in these conversations. Death Cafes, which are an international movement to offers open conversation about death, dying and grief; Take Charge program provides facilitated conversations about end of life planning; Movies@Mission Hospice offers a series of documentary films; art and writing workshops are offered to support those exploring loss, grief, and healing; workshops and training by local and national experts in end of life care support professionals working in this area.

All of this programming is supported by a wonderful group of community members who are trained as Community Ambassadors. The Ambassadors provide event support, represent Mission Hospice at conferences and at health fairs. Our Community Education program could not exist without the support of these incredible volunteers. The general support of Unity Palo Alto Sharing Abundance fund would allow us to continue the good work we are doing in our Community Education program.


Metaphysical Romp

August 16 @ 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

With Rev. Dr. Paul Hasselbeck
Cost: $30

Take a romp through Unity’s teachings and how to apply them. Get your questions answered and prepare to question your answers! This free-wheeling, participant-driven workshop is lead by Paul Hasselbeck, one of Unity’s leading authorities on Metaphysics for the 21st Century. Paul’s genuine passion for clarity and precision guides his students to awaken their awareness and deepen understanding. People have commented on how Paul makes the teaching more understandable and practical in daily life.

Purchase your tickets today!

Fall Enrichment Host & Facilitator Orientation

August 30 @ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Do you want to host or Facilitate an Enrichment Group? Do you have Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, or some other way 8-10 people can come together online? You can be a host and facilitator, or you find a partner to create this powerful experience. Attending the Host & Facilitator Orientation is required.

Learn more about the Fall Enrichment Program

Register through Zoom at:

The Five Principles: A Guide to Practical Spirituality

October 25 @ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

A 3-Week Membership Class with Rev. John Riley
Sundays, 10/25-11/8 @ 11:00-12:30pm
Cost: Love Offering

The Five Principles: A Guide to Practical Spirituality, by Ellen Debenport, was written to provide tools for daily living and suggests answers to the great questions of existence. These principles reflect the laws of the universe that apply to everyone, all the time. They show up in every major religion and in the teachings of Jesus Christ. The author encourages every reader to work with these principles, test them, apply them to your life, and watch what happens.

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