Pathways to Peace

The Journey Begins

Think of the great peacemakers throughout history. How are they able to  inspire people to follow a path of peace?

The answer lies within—the great peacemakers of the world remain centered inGod by turning within to “the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding” (Phil. 4:7). The world responds to their inner glow of peace.

Create your own glow by thinking peaceful thoughts, speaking words you'd like to hear, and treating everyone with kindness and compassion.

The Ripple Effect

Have you ever noticed the ripple effect created just in smiling at someone? Try this experiment. Smile at people and see how many smiles you receive in return. You'll be amazed at how far kindness can travel in just a short amount of time. Your inner peace is reaching out to others and the ripples of love and understanding are spreading outward in a never-ending circle.

Now visualize the peace of God encircling the globe. You're a part of that peace because you're on a spiritual journey—a pathway that includes peace in  your day-to-day living. Just as with any journey, you can pack for the trip.Carry with you an attitude of peace, enfold yourself in God's love, and always, always have generous amounts of concern and caring ready to share with the world community.

Bridging the Gap Through Prayer

When you pray, remember to do so on a global scale. Rather than limit your prayers to family and friends, reach out in faith and love. Enfold the people throughout the world, including world leaders, in your faith-filled thoughts. Envision each person divinely guided in finding the right ways to live in love and peace with others. Although distance separates you from these people, prayer bridges the gap toward spiritual unity and peace brings you together in harmony.

Dedicate your prayers, your thoughts, and your actions to the fulfillment of world peace.

Godspeed to you on your pathway to peace.

Affirm: I turn to God within, and I am gently led on new paths of peace and understanding.

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